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One sleepless night, I was inspired by an old black and white television movie named

“I Accuse!”, which tells the story of a Jewish French military officer, Alfred Dreyfus,

falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of treason before World War I. Western

European nations were at odds with each other, anti-Semitism was on the rise, and Dreyfus

was framed for espionage with Germany. A writer named Émile Zola risked his career and took up the cause of Dreyfus when Dreyfus’ innocence came to light. Zola wrote and published a most scathing letter in the French paper L’Aurore entitled “J’Accuse” (I accuse), bringing to light the government’s and military’s egregious wrongdoing in accusing and convicting Dreyfus and sending him to prison. While Zola was also convicted and sentenced to prison for libel, it was a watershed moment for journalism because it tilted the unfair and unjust imbalance of the press from the government’s favor to the fair and just favor of the voice of the people. Dreyfus was ultimately exculpated and restored to his full military rank.

The notion of a TV program based on the spirit of this landmark moment in history hit me before I slept. BGPI spent a great deal of money and time on this. I thought that a slowly developed grassroots upbringing of the format designed for the internet was the way to go. However, we crept too slowly. Wikileaks and other sites came to be, and while most of the postings on iAccuse.com were important matters to the authors, they were not important enough to shut down a crooked corporation, change the law, or indict a corrupt politician. This is all to say that in my opinion, iAccuse.com failed. I might redo it, or maybe not. The voice of the citizen is well heard today and many wrongdoers do get theirs, although maybe not quickly enough or proactively enough. But the spirit of iAccuse.com should live on.

Please know that I thank you all for coming to this site and hope you will enjoy and act as the moniker monkeys I left here in tact as a reminder to us all. If you hear or see the evil, quickly spread the word to protect the innocent and thwart the wicked!


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